HAPII Project Origins

Before I dive into the specs of the HTTP API Instrument, I have posted a question on StackOverflow to gather a much information on the subject as possible!


Updates to follow!

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The perfect HTPC

Since the advent of MP3′s my father and I have been searching for the perfect platform for enjoying all our music and movies from. It seems that technology has finally caught up with our strict requirements and our idea of a near perfect solution is just around the corner.

Over the next few months I will be noting all of the hardware, software and configurations we will be using for posterity and feedback. To give you some idea of what we want as minimum, here is a quick list:

1. All media must be housed in a single, safe, accessible location
2. The media must be accessible by multiple locations at the same time
3. The quality of the media must be the highest possible (we are quality snobs!)
4. The system(s) must be cost-effective and as future proof as possible
5. All major media formats must be playable
6. No noise/interference from humming fans. Silence is bliss.

This means full HD, 8 channel surround sound, no 720p nonsense or crappy codecs. We are looking at the following specs:

- NAS with terabytes of storage
- 1 Gb Ethernet LAN
- XBMC as the media player/library platform
- Atom/Fusion based HTPCs, completely solid state/no moving parts
- integration with iTunes, iOS/android apps for remote management

We have been reviewing hardware and software for months, but are waiting for the next line of low power CPUs and mobos to come out. Watch this space for updates, reviews, tips, and ideas!

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